By: Karen Rogers

Chef-Training Spotlight: Kevin Sandoval
April 1, 2020

Even before his training through Sprouts Cooking Club's Chef-Training (CT) Program, Kevin Sandoval was no stranger to the kitchen. While born... Read More
Chef-Training Spotlight: Kika Eller
April 1, 2020

For Chef Kika Eller, cooking is more than a means of feeding people—cooking is its own form of art. Long before... Read More
Chef-Training Spotlight: Luis Fabiani
April 1, 2020

It is hard to catch up with 17-year old Luis Fabiani – this is a young man in motion!  You might... Read More
Generous Donor, Sprouts Farmers Market
March 30, 2020

Sprouts Farmers Market believes in making natural, fresh and organic food accessible to everyone. With a passion for living healthy and... Read More
How To Help While Social Distancing
March 25, 2020

During these odd Covid-19 times, we find ourselves stuck inside with many thoughts. The main one being: "how can I help... Read More
Kitchen on Fire “Community Champions”
March 19, 2020

Community Champions Kitchen on Fire is ON FIRE! Over the years, they've donated countless hours to teach Sprouts' kiddos the importance... Read More
Postmates Delivers “Culinary Empowerment”
November 20, 2019

Postmates Delivers "Culinary Empowerment" All new! Postmates now delivers brighter futures to young adults all over the Bay Area Since its... Read More
Not Your “Basic” Noodles
October 30, 2019

At times, our aspiring youth chefs have complained that some of the tastiest foods are the most unhealthy! The situation is... Read More
Lev Delany of Chop Bar
April 17, 2019

Chef Lev Delany of Chop Bar HomeBlog Chop Bar owner and executive chef, Lev Delany, is one of Sprouts’ most loyal,... Read More
TechSoup Supports Sprouts’ Mission of a Healthy Lifestyle
December 1, 2017

Thank you TechSoup!  Thanks for the spotlight TechSoup! And a big thank you to TechSoup for supporting Sprouts through access to... Read More