Community Champions

Kitchen on Fire is ON FIRE! Over the years, they’ve donated countless hours to teach Sprouts’ kiddos the importance of healthy eating!

Since 2005 Kitchen on Fire has been offering all sorts of cooking classes to companies, adults, and teens. With two locations- Berkeley and Oakland- they are spreading their culinary knowledge throughout the Bay Area. Every summer, our culinary campers get the chance to visit our friends at Kitchen on Fire. We get a sneak peek into their educational kitchen and learn to make delicious and healthy meals that are easy to duplicate at home! 

We are so grateful for co-owners Chef Olivier Said and Lisa Miller, who donate their knowledge, skills, and space for our young chefs every summer. We can’t wait for this July when we’ll be back in the heat of the kitchen to make a fluffy frittata and tasty zucchini pizza boats!

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