Not Your “Basic” Noodles

At times, our aspiring youth chefs have complained that some of the tastiest foods are the most unhealthy! The situation is as if the two of them sit on a linear spectrum; as one food becomes more healthy, it becomes less tasty and vice versa. Fortunately, the culinary geniuses at Base Food may have created the ultimate noodle to satisfy all. Base Noodles eliminate the trade-off between taste and nutrition and “are not only balanced and nutrient-rich, they’re chef-crafted and restaurant-quality”, as mentioned on BusinessWire.

The noodles only take 2 minutes to cook and provide essential vitamins and minerals to your body, while maintaining taste. It’s a product that provides busy people a delicious meal through nourishing ingredients. Maintaining their integrity, Base Food ships their noodles out of a warehouse running on 100% renewable energy.

The company was selected as one of ten finalists at the Smart Kitchen Summit 2019, and has been served at top Italian and Japanese restaurants such as the award winning, Ramen Nagi.

Base Food caters to a food-focused audience with their nutrient-rich dietary staple. And here at Sprouts – we love Base noodles! Hats off to Base Foods’ commitment to and creativity with nutrition and flavor!