How To Help While Social Distancing

During these odd Covid-19 times, we find ourselves stuck inside with many thoughts. The main one being: “how can I help when I’m trapped indoors?”

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We look around and watch our neighbors lose jobs, begin to struggle and this universal thought of coming together may be the only act to get us through these times. Sprouts wants to shed some light on two of our supporters who throughout the years have been nothing but kind and giving to us, so this is our chance to do as much as we can to give back to them. 

3rd Cousin, a long time supporter is a rustic yet elegant California cuisine restaurant who is trying to do their part in minimizing the spread of Covid-19, but at the same time are looking at a dramatic financial loss that will come with a month long closure. 3rd Cousin has chosen to temporarily lay off all but two employees. 3rd Cousin is reaching out to the community to try and help these employees with costs. Please check out this link, we would love for you to contribute what you can! 3rd Cousin is also open for take-out and delivery services, with food and delivery for the elderly and sick being free. 

Mägo, another one of our generous restaurant partners is also having to close during these times. Rest assured, they have been working on an all day take out/delivery menu (Mägo on the GO) that will feature some your favorite lunch items, as well as family meals, sides and desserts. Another great way to help Mägo is to purchase a gift card. You can e-mail them or visit their gift card page on the website.


Learn more about 3rd Cousin and Mägo!


Check out 3rd Cousin:

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