Our Team

  • April HuangMarketing Intern

    Favorite Foods: All kinds really. If I absolutely had to choose, it’d be my dad’s home-cooked meals because it reminds me of my childhood. Tacos are a very close second!

  • Hannah MinorInventory Manager and Camp Counselor

    Favorite Foods: “Give me pizza or give me death.” I have been known on more than one occasion to eat an entire pizza in one sitting…I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that I really love it.

  • Laura KeatingCamp Leader

    Favorite Foods: I’ve spent most of my life in landlocked, mountainous states. Ironically, my favorite food is fresh seafood. It was a rare treat growing up and still is for me today. In-season berries are another delicacy… especially fresh cherries from the Flathead valley of Montana. Yum!

  • Ethan WolfCamp Co-Leader

    Favorite Foods: A food that I always come back to is whole wheat bread. Savory or sweet, sliced, enjoyed with friends, or torn from my backpack, I am constantly eating it. Typically bored easily, I wonder when I will tire of it!

  • Aisling HorganCamp Counselor

    Favorite Foods: Where do I even begin! The first item that immediately comes to mind is cilantro! I’ll eat it by itself, but definitely adding it to a dish and recognizing the flavor it brings to food it is placed on just wows my taste buds! I also love a good fruit salad- just an abundance of flavorful, colorful fruit in a bowl pleases my eyes and, most importantly, my taste buds! As for a meal, my favorite dish to make myself is baked salmon with roasted balsamic brussel sprouts and rice! (:

  • Mira TellegenCamp Counselor

    Favorite Foods: My favorite foods include a lot of acid, salt, and heat. I love spicy food! When I don’t know what to cook, I love to whip up curry with habanero pepper sauce or chopped chicken stir fry with thai chiles. I also take advantage of the San Francisco Bay by indulging in spicy tuna rolls.

  • Andre FairleyInventory Manager and Camp Counselor

    Favorite Foods: My favorite food, ultimately, is enchiladas.