Sprouts at MASEP: Week 1! Seasonal Veggie Frittatas!

At our first week of after school cooking classes at  MASEP, we made a Seasonal Veggie Frittata! The best part of the frittata recipe is you can make so many variations just by switching up the veggies.
Skills and Techniques
We started class by learning how to properly hold our chef knife and kitchen safety rules. We all learned how to use our alligator fingers to pinch up on the heel of the blade and wrap our other three fingers around the handle (no wobbly pointer fingers along the spine of the knife). If your chef is using a small pairing knife, students will pinch the handle of the knife and wrap their fingers around. We learned two safe ways to cut – the claw method and tunnel method. The tunnel method was super helpful halving cherry tomatoes and mincing garlic for our frittata! We also talked about using loud voices and announcing “SHARP BEHIND” and “HOT OVEN OPEN” to communicated to others where we are and what dangerous items are around.
We all practiced our dicing and mincing skills while prepping our veggies for our fritatta. Students took turns manning the stove to sautee all of our veggies in olive oil. We learned that sautee means to keep the food moving. While the vegetables cooked, we whisked up our egg mixture – we all learned how to crack an egg! The egg mixture was poured over the veggies on the stove top, once the eggs started to cook around the edges, we popped the frittata in the oven.
The Recipe: Frittata
Veggies (your choice – we used peppers, onions, squash and tomatoes!) Thanks Riverdog Farms!
8 Eggs (Thanks Horizon!)
1/2 cup dairy (we used whole milk, but other milks, plant based milk or yogurt can be used too!) (thanks Straus!)
Olive oil (thanks Olive Ranch! )
Salt + Pepper
1. Preheat the oven to 350.
2. Julianne or dice your veggies
3. Sautee veggies over medium heat
4. Whisk together eggs and dairy
5. Cover sauteed veggies with egg mixture. Stir the eggs until the edges start to cook.
6. Bake the frittata 10-15 minutes until all the eggs have set and are firm.