Louise Rosier – Sprouts Sister Program in Paris!

Sprouts Making A Difference in France!

Sprouts’ sister program in Paris, Louise Rosier, is spearheaded by Margot Raoulx. A native of France, Raoulx first gained exposure to Sprouts Cooking Club when she spent a summer in the Bay Area volunteering with the nonprofit. Raoulx was fascinated and inspired by Sprouts mission. So much so, that she returned to the US to volunteer with Sprouts for the following two summers.

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Margot volunteering with Sprouts in the Summer of 2008!

Just a few years later, Karen decided to start Sprouts in France. With Margot’s help, she organized culinary immersion trips for youth and their parents. She later moved to Paris where she spent nearly a year building up a network of chefs, youth and schools.

Founder Karen Rogers starting up a Sprouts chapter  in Paris!

After Karen’s returning to San Francisco, Raoulx decided to take over the project in Paris, and formed Louise Rosier, a sister program to Sprouts.

Margot’s years of experience running classes at Sprouts, her business background, and Sprouts guidance was the perfect recipe for success.

Founder Karen Rogers and Raoulx with Sprouts Counselors at La Med Restaurant in 2008!

She began by offering a few temporary cooking camps during the summer. To her astonishment, the camps sold out week after week. She worked overtime to meet the increasing demand for the classes. She quickly realized it would require full-time effort, so she decided to make Louise Rosier her priority put her food travel agency on the back burner.

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Louise Rosier cooking class – Paris, France

Today, Louise Rosier includes camps, cooking classes, and after school cooking classes.

young chef
Young Louise Rosier chef in the making!

Looking into the future, Louise Rosier is on a steady path toward growth, but like many other nonprofits, also faces some challenges in its expansion. Raoulx focuses much of Louise Rosier’s efforts and attention on its school-based programs. Her desire to provide cooking classes to schools all over Paris is hindered by the city’s political separation, which makes it less likely for certain schools to have the chance to participate in Louise Rosier’s programs.  

As Louise Rosier continues on its own incredible journey, it marks a true mainstay of the Sprouts Cooking Club legacy. One person with a vision and a hard work ethic is all it takes to make change!

Raoulx volunteering with Sprouts over 10 years ago!

In 2006, Sprouts Cooking Club launched in the Bay Area with the mission of teaching children from all socioeconomic, physical and mental health backgrounds the importance of healthy, nutritional foods through hands-on cooking with real ingredients, with by real chefs, in real restaurants. In 2009, it was formally converted into an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, thanks to the encouragement of Alice Waters, now a current member of Sprouts’ advisory board. Since then, Sprouts has expanded its board to include Jamie Oliver and has increased its programs and outreach to New York City and Paris.