Gibson Apprenticeship Week

Gibson Restaurant Gives Back to Youth

This summer, the owners and kitchen Crew of Gibson Restaurant invited Sprouts youth chefs into their world for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the art of running a restaurant – by actually doing it! Kids transformed themselves into executive chefs and restaurant owners for three entire weeks as they entered into Gibson’s world of food, service and art. With the help of Gibson’s kitchen crew, our aspiring restaurateurs learned to do everything it takes to run a restaurant: from building out their very own lunch program and designing menus, to cooking for guests and ringing up clients. Each of the three apprenticeship weeks culminated in lunch hour open to the public where apprentices welcomed and cooked for guests. Thank you Gibson, for sharing your beautiful restaurant and your talented crew of professional chefs with us!

Try Gibson out for yourself!  Their creative, ingredient-driven menu keeps diners coming back.

Make a reservation today, and enjoy a fine-dining experience in a beautiful restauarant – without the pretense!