Funky Elephant Thai Welcomes Sprouts Spring Camp

An Explosion of Flavor in the Kitchen of Funky Elephant Thai in Northwest Berkeley!

Our spring camp kicked off at Funky Elephant , with incredible executive chef, Chef O (Supasit Puttikaew), who opened his doors all day on Monday — the one day that the restaurant is closed — specifically to host our young chefs.

He walked them through the process of making beautiful blue rice made with butterfly pea flowers, as well as sticky rice, crispy rice salad, and a delectable fish curry made with house-made red curry paste. The campers participated every step of the way, from steaming the rice to slicing and cooking the local rockfish to plating the meal, which they all enjoyed as a group at the end of the day. 

Throughout the cooking lesson, Chef O explained the flavors of Thai food, how different cooking methods worked, and the importance of never wasting food. After a day filled with food, the campers enthusiastically agreed that the red curry was their favorite! Plus, they learned some Thai along the way! By the end of the day, they knew how to thank Chef O and tell him that the food was very delicious in Thai, shouting “aroi mak mak” in unison! We’re so grateful to Chef O for sharing his beautiful space and his culinary talent with our community’s youth!