Cole’s Kitchen

What happens when Sprouts Cooking Club challenges its campers?

They could become a YouTube star! Meet Cole and learn how to make chocolate mousse and your very own YouTube video!

Hi my name is Cole. It was such an honor to have been asked to come back to Sprouts as an instructor this past summer and teach how to make one of my favorites – chocolate mousse! I also got to teach everyone how to make their own video for YouTube all while making a video for my channel!


People always ask me how I got started in making YouTube shows. A few years ago I was in a Sprouts Cooking Club class and we were given the challenge of coming up with a recipe for Marzipan. I was only 6 but I knew that it would be great in pancakes. Instead of writing the recipe and emailing it to Sprouts – I asked my parents if we could make a video and send it in and use YouTube to do it. We decided to have fun and create a channel for it and call it Cole’s Kitchen and that is how it all started.
I now film episodes with friends that come to my house and we make something fun – usually sweet, but not always. It has become a fun hobby that my dad and I do together and it has allowed for some really fun moments with friends. The great thing is – you don’t need much to get started. We use my dads phone, and we edit using software that was already on his computer! Anything that makes being in the kitchen even more fun seems like a win in my book – why not give it a try?!
You can learn how to make the mousse, how to create your own video and see what a typical day in camp looks like all on Cole’s Kitchen – check out these videos and more at and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Why are you interested in food/cooking?

Why not?!  In all seriousness – I remember watching cooking shows with my mom when I was younger.

The Inside Scoop

What is your profession?

My profession is having fun in the kitchen doing cooking and baking!

What is the best part about having someone eat the dishes you create?

Seeing their reactions – I love seeing people go in for a second helping!

What do you love most about what you do?

Having fun with my friends.

Why are you interested in food/cooking?

Why not?!  In all seriousness – I remember watching cooking shows with my mom when I was younger.

What first made you interested in food?

It tastes good!  

Why do you think that the work Sprouts is doing is important?

To make it so there is more kid chefs like me!

Why do you think it is important for kids (and everyone!) to learn how to cook?

So you can make your parents happy and not make them cook all the time and also to make it so you do not need to rely on restaurants/Fast food.

What would you love to have Sprouts fans and foodies know about you?

I started my cooking career at Sprouts… but outside of cooking I like watching TV, playing games, reading… you know, typical kid stuff.