Change Lives, Eat Well: Sprouts’ Must-Taste Restaurant List

On the menu today? Sprouts’ restaurant recommendations for New York City. 

Not only do these restaurants serve delicious food, but they give back. All NYC restaurants listed here host Sprouts Chef Trainees in their kitchens. As they teach, they equip Sprouts’ youth to rise from hardship through culinary training.


Fulgurances “Laundromat”

 After five successful years in Paris, Fulgurances has opened an outpost of its chef residency in Brooklyn, New York. As an incubator for rising chefs, the atmosphere is full of buzz and the menu ever-changing. As part of it’s commitment to mentorship, Fulgrance is supporting the launch of Sprouts Chef Training in NYC, a job training program for underserved local youth. The Fulgrance team will welcome these youth into its kitchen as “chef trainees,” providing culinary training and career pathways to restauranteering and beyond for those with limited access. Book Now

Photos Courtesy of Fulgurances “Laundromat” | Kim Thompson Steel


Experience KYU, the Miami-born sensation now gracing the streets of New York City with its wood-fired Asian grill and commitment to green practices. Indulge in straightforward yet shareable plates inspired by Japanese and Korean yakiniku (translated to grilled meat), complemented by a cleverly crafted cocktail list for a warm, social ambiance. Peer into the kitchen, and you might catch a Sprouts Chef Trainee at work, soaking up new culinary skills with guidance from the KYU team. Book Now With OpenTable

Photos Courtesy Of KYU | Kristen Loken

Society Café

Nestled inside Greenwich Village’s Walker Hotel, you’ll find Society Café, an elegant bistro with seasonal American fare and signature cocktails. Led by Executive Chef Manuel Gonzalez Charles, this intimate, market-to-table restaurant provides a unique dining experience in a stylish, art deco inspired space. There’s warmth in the decor and the kitchen at Society Café, a proud partner of Sprouts Chef Training. Book Now With OpenTable

Photos Courtesy Of Society Cafe | Erin Seamans

Musket Room

Musket Room has been the heart of the neighborhood since its doors opened in 2013. Newcomers and regulars alike appreciate the caring, personalized service and “reliably indulgent” dining experience, which has earned Musket Room a Michelin Star. Now, there’s even more to love as the Musket Room takes on a chef trainee, who’ll experience the camaraderie of a kitchen family and learn the art of modernizing internationally inspired cuisine. Soak in the rustic-chic environs, and be sure to check out the backyard garden. Book Now

Photos Courtesy Of Kim Thompson Steel | Musket Room

Pecking House

What started as a fried-chicken pop-up (with a wait list 10,000 names long) has become a main-stay of NYC’s fast-casual scene. Pecking House is a favorite among foodies, with a spicy, saucy menu that blends Southern fried chicken and Chinese takeout. Chef Eric Huang is the mastermind behind Pecking House’s “Sichuan Chili Country Fried Chicken,” but he’s also the driving force of the restaurant’s welcoming kitchen culture. Pecking House will be supporting a chef trainee on his or her pathway to a steady restaurant job, and partnering with Sprouts Chef Training to host special events for community members. Book Now

Photos Courtesy Of Pecking House | Kim Thompson Steel


Brooklyn’s Falansai (“fuh-lan-sigh”) is redefining “American” cuisine with its delicious Vietnamese-Mexican fusion menu and French wine pairings. Gather around communal tables in the restaurant’s warehouse-chic interior for the ‘Dac Biet” (Special) Dinner experience. Or, find the Bia (Beer) Garden entrance on Porter Street for seasonal greenhouse dining. Falansai is a proud Sprouts Chef Training partner too, hosting events and trainees to further the organization’s mission. Book Now

Photos Courtesy Of Falansai


Raf’s is one of Manhattan’s best, most iconic European bakeries. Pop by to taste the daily rotation of French- and Italian-inspired baked goods, make reservations at the all-day café, or enjoy intimate dinner service. Raf’s is designed to make patrons feel at home, a commitment that extends to the “back of house.” Raf’s will soon welcome a Sprouts Chef Trainee, who’ll have the opportunity to explore a passion for the culinary arts while earning steady income to support his or herself. You can chip in to fund the future of a chef trainee with a contribution to Sprouts. Book Now

Photos Courtesy Of Kristen Loken | Raf’s


Head to Margot in Fort Greene, Brooklyn for a seasonal menu and natural wines. This airy, neighborhood favorite is known for its reimagined French dishes, served over marble countertops from an open kitchen. We’re celebrating Margot’s commitment to community too, as the newest host for Sprouts Chef Trainees in NYC. Book Now

Photos Courtesy Of Margot | Kim Thompson Steel

Eat well and change lives by supporting Sprouts Chef Trainees and their kitchen families! Every time you make a reservation with one of our New York City partners, you support our youth.

Sprouts Chef Training is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit equipping youth to rise from hardship through culinary training and job placement. Youth are paired with a chef mentor and case manager to develop the skills needed to secure and maintain a culinary job. Graduates use these entry-level jobs to kickstart culinary careers, pay for education, or pursue new industries.

Community Support: We thank our restaurant partners and community sponsors for training and funding our interns.