Whip Up Quiches for Brunch and Shop The Farmer’s Market at Lake Merritt!

Market-Fresh Quiche & Summer Sides! 

Cook Up Saturday Brunch & Hang at the Market!

Our culinary journey will start at Lake Merritt’s bustling Farmers’ Market, where our youth chefs will meet and greet with Sprouts’ farmer friends, and learn about locality and seasonality as we snag a few ingredients for our summer quiches! We might just have time for a secret market challenge…and if we do well, grab some goodies for ourselves! After we’ve finished exploring and tasting, we’ll wave goodbye to our market friends and trek over to the kitchen with our fresh ingredients in hand. Aprons on and sleeves rolled, we’ll learn, hands-on, the secret to making the perfect quiche lorraine. Plus, we’ll learn how to make a few seasonal summer sides with a twist! You gotta join us – this is gonna be a ridiculously delicious day!

Saturday July 9th
10:00am to 1:05pm
7-12 year-olds
Class: $30

Drop Off and Pick Up: Girls Inc. Kitchens
510 16th Street, Oakland