-Saturday, April 21st- Pizza Party!

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Nothing frozen or pre-made here, folks! We’re whipping up pizzas from scratch! Your young chef will learn how to make fresh, yeasted pizza dough in the true Italian fashion – from measuring and kneading to tossing and topping!
After concocting a classic homemade tomato sauce, the kiddos will use their creativity…and their taste buds to assemble their very own pizza with a colorful variety of the season’s best produce. Together, we’ll roll out a sweet pizza pie with chocolate hazelnut spread, sesame, and bananas! Finally, to top it off, we’ll stir up a refreshing summery lavender lemonade. Get your ticket soon so your kiddo can get a slice of the fun!

Pizza Party!

Saturday, April 21st
11:00am to 1:00pm
7-12 year olds
Class: $45

Drop Off & Pick Up:
Girls Inc. Kitchens
510 16th Street
Oakland, CA 94612