-Saturday, May 12th- It’s High Time for Pie Time!

Dark Chocolate Tart & Seasonal Fruit Hand Pies!

Beauty is in the pie of the beholder!
Do you have a budding pastry chef at home? Perhaps one who loves chocolate and a buttery crust? If answered yes, then this class is for them!
Your kiddo will whip up a beautiful dark chocolate ganache tartwith a chocolate cookie crust – yum! The young chefs will learn the art of making pie dough to use in our scrumptious little hand pies. They’ll mix up the dough, roll it out, cut it, and stuff it with a seasonal fruit filling! To wash down our pies, the young chefs will prepare a refreshing peach limeade.
This is going to be one ridiculously delicious class – get a spot now before the cookie (crust) crumbles!

It’s High Time for Pie Time!

Saturday, May 12th
11:00am to 1:00pm
7-12 year olds
Class: $45

Drop Off & Pick Up:
Girls Inc. Kitchens
510 16th Street
Oakland, CA 94612