Homemade Nutella, Ricotta And French Crêpes with Nopa’s Pastry Chef!

A Sweet Apprenticeship with Nopa and Penrose!

Bake Up a Storm With Nopa’s Executive Pastry Chef!

Whip up Homemade Nutella, Ricotta, and Crêpes!

Nopa’s Head Pastry Chef Hannah will be teaching a team of 13 lucky apprentices the secrets of making homemade nutella, ricotta, and crêpes! After an intense session of whipping, stirring, and tasting, we’ll stuff warm, French crêpes with our delicious, hazelnut-inspired sauces! Our apprenticeship bakers will even have the chance to concoct their own seasonal fruit compotes to top of our indulgent creations! Plus, lucky us! Charlie Hallowell of Penrose has offered to host this pastry mayhem at his wildly popular restaurant! If we’re lucky, he might even just make a guest appearance (; This is definitely an apprenticeship you don’t wanna miss!
Homemade Nutella, Ricotta, and Crêpes with Nopa!
Tuesday, December 29th
7-12 years old
11:00 am – 1:30 pm
$55*: Sprouts chefs
Penrose Restaurant
3311 Grand Ave, Oakland
*Your class fee pays for the entire tuition for a Girl’s Inc. Student!
Thank you for helping us make a difference!

For Registration & Scholarship Information email sophie@sproutscookingclub.org

​**Because we work with real chefs and real restaurants this schedule and menu is subject to change**

​Don’t Forget Your Chef’s Kits!

Just like a real chef, each kiddo brings their own equipment so that they can get comfortable with the materials they have right at home!​
Tote bag for chef’s kit
Chef’s Knife (with cover!)
Paring Knife (with cover!)
Medium cutting board
2 rags
Close-toed shoes
Water bottle (for staying hydrated during the class!)