-Saturday, March 18th- Exclusive Youth Culinary Stage at 3rd Cousin!

Enter into the world of a chef and restaurant owner for a day!

Owner and Executive Chef, Greg Lutes of 3rd Cousin, invites 15 aspiring chefs to join his kitchen crew for the apprenticeship of a lifetime! Walk into his world of chef coats, kitchen lingo, and culinary tricks! Cook alongside Chef Greg as you prep for a decadent, prix fixe benefit dinner for Sprouts’ families and friends.
Sprouts’ young chefs will participate in a mock run-through that will mirror the kitchen process for our Taste of SF Benefit Dinner. The apprentices will learn how to prepare and plate seasonal dishes that will be enjoyed by 40 guests just two days later. Make sure to bring your game – Chef Greg will be challenging his apprentices to a blind-folded palate competition. At the end of our culinary training, we’ll sit down as a team to taste the seasonal plates we cooked up! Sign up to be one of the lucky apprentices!

Exclusive Youth Culinary Stage at 3rd Cousin

Sunday, March 18th
11:00am to 2:00pm
7-12 year olds
Class: $75

Drop Off and Pick Up:
919 Cortland Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110