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Tobias Caracter

Generously Sponsored By: Ellen and Bob Ansel
Age, at time of internship: 19
CIT Intern: 2017
Restaurant Host: Mission Pie
Wraparound Program: Old Skool Cafe
Tobias’s Story: With his parents divorced while he was young, Tobias never felt like he had a place to call home. With no relationship with his father and minimal contact with his mother, he has always hopped between relative’s homes. School was a particular challenge for Tobias, who loathed the structure and “prison-like” obligations of exams and credits. More recently, he has struggled with financial and health issues after being hit by a car in San Francisco. He broke both wrists and now faces over 2K in debt as he struggles to pay the ambulance bill.
Future Goals: Tobias is fascinated by the hotel and restaurant industry. His goal is to overcome his shyness, build up leadership skills, and develop his talent in the culinary arts so that one day he can manage a well-known restaurant/hotel.


“There are two words that sum me up well: ruling and power. I want to be in charge of everything: of food, of the kitchen, of the restaurant – all of it”