Chef Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: Bacon and Beer Festival
Age, at time of Internship: 18
CIT Intern: Fall 2014
Restaurant Host: 25 Lusk
Wraparound Program: First Place for Youth
Thunder’s Story: Thunder applied to Sprouts Chef Training program after serving time for armed robbery. And while this wasn’t his first experience in jail, this time around he was ready to make some changes. He resolved to leave his old friends behind, and focus all of his energy on learning the skills he needed to get a real job on the “legitimate side”. At first, Thunder struggled with attendance and respecting the rules, but after four months, he had progressed so quickly that Chef Dolan hired him on. Thunder’s story is truly inspiring.


“Honestly, the main challenge I’m dealing with is having one foot in the hood and having one foot on the legitimate side, but Chef Matthew gave me a chance.”