Tanyela Hill
Current Chef-In-Training Intern

Generously Sponsored By: Castlemont High School + Imperfect Produce
Age, at time of Internship: 16
CIT Intern: Spring 2020
Restaurant Host: Comal
Story: Tanyela certainly has incredible initiative when it comes to the culinary arts!  Tanyela was raised by her grandmother, who taught her how to cook. Tanyela continues to get inspiration for cooking different meals by watching Youtube videos. When she began high school, Tanyela enrolled herself in a cooking class at school, where she solidified her dream of becoming a chef and opening her own restaurant. After Sprouts’ Chef-In-Training at Comal restaurant, Tanyela wants to enroll in business and culinary programs in trade school to formalize her culinary education. We are so excited to see what doors this internship opens for Tanyela!