Generously Supported By: Morgan Stanley
Age, at time of Internship: 16
CT Intern: Summer 2023
Restaurant Host: Waterbar, Chef Parke Ulrich and Josh Su
Referred By: Enterprise For Youth
Intern Story:

Sara has had a sweet tooth for as long as she can remember. She followed her interest in sweets and began watching videos of baking tutorials on Youtube, after which she would bake for herself as practice. Sara was able to continue pursuing her passion for baking at a professional level in the Summer of 2023 with the Sprouts Chef Training Program during her internship at Waterbar. There, Sara worked under Chef Parke and Chef Josh. 

During her internship, Sara preferred to focus on pastries and began learning the ins and outs of working in a bakery. She especially enjoyed plating beautiful desserts and earned the opportunity to practice her chocolate writing using piping bags. During her internship, Sara was also able to improve her macaron-baking skills. A highlight of her work was being able to bring her hard work home for her family to sample and enjoy.  

Sara specifically chose to join the Sprouts Chef Training program to pursue her passions. She is still working on finding a career path she enjoys and used her internship to explore her existing interests. From a young age, Sara was aware of her family’s financial limitations and felt she needed to be strategic in selecting an extracurricular she felt strongly about and that would help her grow professionally. Sara was dually enrolled in her internship as well as summer coursework and her dual participation helped her improve her ability to work with new people and practice time management.  

Sara continues her exploration of self both inside and outside the kitchen. When she is not baking, she enjoys playing card games and is a member of her school’s bridge club. Sara also enjoys reading short stories and manga. Sara is grateful for the opportunity Morgan Stanley provided her by supporting her internship and left the Sprouts Chef Training program as a more well-rounded young professional.