Santa Barbara Chocolatier

Jason Vishnefske

What’s the secret ingredient that gives our cooking classes a sweet and sustainable twist? We keep it organic and natural in the kitchen with the help of the generous team at Santa Barbara Chocolate. Their wholesome ingredients and decadent sweets always add a special treat to our classes and camps — what’s cooking class without a little dessert? 

The Inside Scoop

What aspect of Sprouts made you interested in helping our mission?

The children and promoting happiness are primary motives. We need to take care of each other — In the end, that is all there is.

What is the story behind Santa Barbara Chocolate?

It started with the quest for healthier chocolate alternatives.  Seeking quality cocoa beans from the source and educating the public about the importance of sustainability for a healthier planet and personal fitness continues to be a priority. These innovative products include natural sugar alternatives derived from flower blossoms, pure cacao medallions, Organic, Fair trade and Kosher certifications which guarantee the utmost quality.

Why should kids learn how to cook for themselves?

It is a fundamental part of human interaction. Bonding through food is a way of showing we care about each other and we develop our ability to support ourselves at the most basic level.

How else have you gotten involved with the local community?

We support Friends of Ballona Wetlands as they seek to restore the last remaining ecological wetland in Los Angeles County california. Also, is near to our hearts as it honors medal of Honor recipients and the sacrifice they have made for our freedom.

What is your favorite dish to make using Santa Barbara Chocolate?

Chicken Mole: because it contains chocolate and it is a square meal which you must have before eating your chocolate dessert. Try it at home