Rosetta Reeves
Chef-In-Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: Sam Ghods, Clover, and Roxanne Yang
Age, at time of internship: 22
CT Intern: 2018
Restaurant Host: Millennium
Wraparound Program: Bay Area Youth Center
Rosetta’s Story: With her mother too sick to care for her, Rosetta has been in and out of foster care since the age of 3. Her journey hasn’t been easy. She was the victim of abuse within the foster care system and later, her extended family. Rosetta’s fighting spirit, however, gave her the strength to maintain hope that she would one day reunite with her mother. At age 18 she left the foster care system, and started looking for her mom. They moved in to Oakland community housing where Rosetta spent much of her time caring for her mother. With the encouragement of her mom to develop her passion for food and realizing that she needed to step up as a provider, Rosetta applied for Sprouts’ Chef-Training program. With the support of her mentor restaurant, her confidence and vision for the future blossomed. Today, Rosetta is saving up to enroll in Laney’s culinary program. She aims to become a pastry chef and serve as her mother’s caretaker.
Future Goals: Rosetta would like to open her own family friendly restaurant one day that can help her support herself and her mom.


“What I like about cooking is challenging my taste buds to create different flavors.”