Riawna Pope
Chef-In-Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: Ellen and Bob Ansel
Age, at time of internship: 17
CIT Intern: 2017
Restaurant Host: PlaYT and Communite Table
Wraparound Program: Oakland High
Riawna’s Story: Growing up Riawna helped her grandmother in the kitchen and taught herself how to bake. Living in deep East Oakland where money was tight, Riawna and her mom never let their financial issues stop her dreams. Riawna knew that she wanted to work in the food industry and applied for Sprouts’ CIT program to get industry experience. She graduated with flying colors and is now attending Cal State college before pursuing her culinary dreams. 
Proudest Moment: De-boning and cooking an entire chicken on her own.
Future Goals: Riawna thinks big! After she finishes her internship, she wants to pursue a culinary arts degree and work in the culinary industry until she can own her own restaurant!


“Chef Spike, along with everyone else in PlayT, were very kind and accepting teaching me that a kitchen environment is like a family.”