Maya Roberts

Generously Sponsored By: Keegan’s Caramels + Miranda Lux Foundation
Age, at time of Internship: 17
CIT Intern: Spring 2021
Restaurant Host: Mägo
Story: Maya is an impressive young woman from Oakland who has overcome a turbulent childhood marked by an abusive father. She now lives in a nurturing household with her single mother and grandmother, who have always encouraged Maya to pursue her passion for cooking. Maya is excited to learn as much as she can while interning at Mägo and explore a career as a chef.  We are so excited to watch Maya’s skills and career path continue to blossom! 


To the Sprouts Community, thank you for supporting my Chef-In-Training Internship. I loved my internship at my host restaurant, Mago. Before this internship, I mostly taught myself how to cook and was not very confident in my abilities. The chefs at Mago were very nice and always happy to teach me. I got to learn knife skills, how to grill, butcher chickens, clean fish and squid, and how to bake many sweet treats. I also had the opportunity to plate some of the dinner dishes which was very exciting. The chefs at Mago are very inspiring to me. Their menu changes daily, so I was always learning about ingredients and foods I never saw before. The head chef often uses foraged foods, and one time I was lucky enough to forage with him. We walked to a park near the restaurant and picked edible flowers and peppery leaves that he would then use as “taco shells”. It was very inspiring. I would never have thought to use the nature around me in the food I cooked, and that the plants that I see almost every day, growing naturally around Oakland, could have such interesting and lively flavors. I am now much more confident in my cooking and being in professional environments. I got to learn and grow so much during my internship that I will be working at Mago this summer as a paid cook. I can’t thank you enough for making this experience possible!