Sprouts Board of Advisors

Mark Gilfix

Mark Gilfix

Lawyer at Gilfix & La Poll


What is your profession? What do you love most about your job?

I’m an attorney – I work on legal planning for families. Some call it “estate planning” but it is much more than that. We work with families of all ages, and do a lot of work for families with special needs children. I love connecting with my clients and really learning their stories, their hopes, and their fears. I’m able to help solve some of their problems and to give them some comfort, both on a personal and legal level.

Why are you interested in cooking and food education?

I fully admit that I hardly know anything about cooking! But I’ve taken a few classes, and it can be such a fantastic way to engage children in a health and productive way. Cooking and food brings people together. Frankly, I wish I had been more exposed to cooking education when I was young.

What first made you interested in food?

I’m a bit of a “foodie” though I don’t chase trendy or high profile “hotspots.” I just really enjoy great meals created by people who are passionate about food, and about sharing their expertise in unique ways. Again, food can be such an amazing tool for bringing people of all background and ages together.

What is the connection between the work you do professionally and the advising work you do for Sprouts?

My day to day job centers on advising clients and their families about their future. I’ve also done a lot of tutoring and some mentoring in the past. Sprouts is a natural extension of this. I also used to be a management consultant, advising fortune 500 companies on their strategic direction. My background really helps me to see the big picture, and my current role in a boutique law firm, helping to run a small business, gives me great insight into the day to day operational challenges that Sprouts faces.

Why do you think the work that Sprouts is doing is important?

Engaging children from all backgrounds is so important- without Sprouts, so few would have opportunities to learn about the world of high level food. Sprouts does an incredible job connecting elite chefs with at -risk youth. It provides them with opportunities to learn, to connect, and to benefit from being part of a new community. Sprouts has a hugely positive impact on all of the communities in which it operates.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned from working with Sprouts?

I’m impressed by the level of passion shared by both the Sprouts team, and the chefs with which Sprouts works.


Why is it important for kids to learn how to cook for themselves?

We live in a day and age where kids are bombarded by fast food advertising. So many pay little or no attention to nutrition. Teaching kids about nutrition, and about cooking, can help to break out of this. Learning to cook is also a great path to learning other skills – it requires precision, grit, patience, and cooperation. These are all hugely important skills that benefit kids in all areas of their lives.


What was one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve had as a Sprouts fan?

I’ve been to a couple of the restaurants that work with Sprouts, and the enthusiasm and passion chefs show when they talk about sprouts is infectious! Sprouts doesn’t just provide opportunities to kids – it provides wonderful opportunities to chefs who want to “give back” and connect more with their communities. I think this has been an untapped resource in many cities.


Is there anything else that you would like Sprouts fans and foodies to know about you?

I hate to admit it, but I am really limited as a cook. I can cook basic pastas, grill some meats, and I make really good sandwiches. But that’s about it. My little sister literally gave me a cookbook called “Man Meets Stove.” 🙂 I’m hoping that spending time with the Sprouts team will help me to learn a bit about cooking, and I’m eager to help out any way I can!