Mariah Lazalde
Current Chef-In-Training Intern


Generously Sponsored By: MetWest High School
Age, at time of Internship: 15
CIT Intern: Fall 2019
Restaurant Host: Nido’s Backyard
Wraparound Program: MetWest High School
Intern’s Story: Mariah certainly takes advantage of opportunities that come her way. She grew up low-income in a neighborhood in Oakland that has gangs, drugs, and violence. With her parents often out of the house working, Mariah learned to cook for herself by watching cooking shows on television. She explored this interest further when she worked for her aunt’s catering business for a summer. As someone who loves cooking, Mariah applied for the CIT program because she thinks she wants to make a career out of cooking. She was placed at Nido’s Backyard where she gained valuable experience directly in the kitchen of an active restaurant. She is excited by this work experience and believes it can open up more opportunities for her. Mariah has talked about potentially opening up a restaurant with her brother in the future. As Mariah finishes her training, we’re rooting for her continued success!
Future Goals: