Luis Fabiani
Chef-In-Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: City Youth Now
Age, at time of Internship: 17
CIT Intern: Fall 2019
Restaurant Host: Dorian
Wraparound Program: City Youth Now
Intern’s Story: Luis is a warrior! A single parent, he’s raising his toddler all the while learning the ins and outs of an entirely new career in the culinary industry. But Luis isn’t afraid of being out of his comfort zone, and he knows acutely just how important job security is for him and his little girl. He remembers moving around frequently with his own mother, and will never forget the periods of homelessness he experienced. Without stable housing and income, Luis struggled to keep on track and had a few run-ins with the police. He soon came to realize that he needed to learn a stable trade and start a new life if he was going to be able to provide for his child, and keep her from experiencing the same hardships as he. Luis changed schools, enrolled in City Youth Now’s job training program, and applied for Sprouts’ Chef-In-Training Program. His time training at The Dorian with Chef Lee Levig has been pivotal for him. He plans to graduate from high school and enroll in a SF-based culinary program before landing a job as a chef. 
Future Goals: