Lisa Miller, Nutrition Consultant

It will be a treat to spend a day at one of the top twenty-five cooking schools in America and the Best Cooking School in the East Bay. With Lisa Miller leading campers in the cooking of wholesome, fresh ingredients, it’s sure to be a nutritious day of culinary adventure. We’ve learned from Lisa that nutrition is important at any age — the sooner you can learn about healthy eating, the better! Here’s what inspires Lisa to connect with people through nutritious food. 

The Inside Scoop

Why are you inspired to cook with kids?

This is an opportunity to bring good life skills to kids early when their bodies are still growing. We can help get them get excited about cooking good foods and learning to appreciate healthy eating, which can change their lives in a positive way.

After a long day of teaching, what do you want to eat?

In our classes we keep everyone fed as we go and then eat together at the end. We often have the pleasure of eating what we have created with our students and clients. 

What else should Sprouts fans and food-lovers know?

Learning about good food and keeping your body healthy is something you will appreciate for your whole life. Cooking together with friends and family is something to enjoy together for your lifetime!!

What recipe will you make with Sprouts campers?

One of the dishes we will share in our class with the kids is a vegetable frittata. Starting the day with a good meal with protein, fats and carbohydrates is essential to health and learning. They will see the options to put in the vegetables that are in season, and the goodness of eggs and dairy. This recipe can be eaten warm or cold and even on the go. We will discuss how they can change up the recipe for preference, variety and dietary needs as well.

What are your favorite things to do outside the kitchen?

On my time away from clients and classes I enjoy time with family and friends. I have a large family and since we are spread out across the country this leads to get togethers in fun new places. When home, I enjoy taking in all that the Bay Area has to offer, from time at the ocean, hiking with our dog in the redwoods, taking in the arts and good food in the area and just simply enjoying time together with friends.