Sprouts Board of Advisors

Lien Lin_Photo

Lien Lin

Chef and Owner of Bricolage, in Brooklyn


What is your profession? What do you love most about your job?

I’m a professional Chef and business owner. I love meeting guests!

Why are you interested in cooking and food education?

I’ve loved to eat and cook since a very young age. I have two little ones of my own now, and feel that it is important to teach them healthy eating habits. Education starts at home.

What first made you interested in food?

I grew up with my life centered on food and family. My parents owned a restaurant and small family farm while I was growing up. I started my cooking career at a really young age of 8, helping with washing dishes and folding wontons at my parent’s’ restaurant.

What is the connection between the work you do professionally and the advising work you do for Sprouts?

My professional and personal experience on food, cooking, health and being a parent, Chef and business owner.

Why do you think the work that Sprouts is doing is important?

Because Sprouts is connecting local restaurants and Chefs to the community and bringing them together for the greater good, educating the leaders, business owners and parents of tomorrow.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned from working with Sprouts?

Outreach to the community is really important and everyone can make a difference.

Why is it important for kids to learn how to cook for themselves?

 Kids should understand what they are putting into their bodies. Being able to cook helps them to live a healthy life and develop good eating habits.

What was one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve had as a Sprouts fan?

Working with kids and sharing my love for food

Is there anything else that you would like Sprouts fans and foodies to know about you?

I was born in Vietnam and moved to New York in the 80’s. After lots of hard work, my family eventually opened up our very own Chinese restaurant in upstate New York–I was helping my parents was dishes and make wontons! This is where I discovered my love for the culinary arts. My husband and I now own a modern Vietnamese gastropub in Brooklyn: Bricolage!