KaMarea Hopkins
Chef-In-Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: Ralph Bunche Academy
Age, at time of Internship: 16
CIT Intern: Spring 2019
Restaurant Host: Communitē Table
Wraparound Program: Ralph Bunche Academy
Intern’s Story: KaMarea came to the Chef-In-Training program having already taken a step towards beginning her culinary career. As a student in Ralph J. Bunche Academy’s cooking class, KaMarea had already mastered the basics of food prep and storage, but wanted to try and test her skills at the next level. She had the chance to do just that at Communitē Table with head Chef & owner Michele LeProhn, where she was quickly trusted with assisting in making soups and cornbreads in addition to her daily prep tasks. Cooking provides KaMarea with a close-knit community of friends and teachers that she can share her interest with. An East Oakland native, KaMarea first explored cooking in elementary school when she learned how to make plum wonton cups. Cooking has always been an important outlet for KaMarea, providing her a source of comfort and community throughout past struggles with school, home robberies, and the divorce of her parents. She hopes to one day join her mother as a chef at Google, perhaps serving her famous plum wonton cups!
Future Goals: KaMarea is returning to Bunche Academy to finish high school in strong standing, and will be enrolling in the more advanced cooking class this fall!