Generously Supported By: Individual donor from Sprouts community
Age, at time of Internship: 19
CT Intern: Summer 2023
Restaurant Host: Butter Love Bake Shop, Chef Esa Yonn-Brown
Referred By: The Arc
Intern Story:

Hannah began her internship at Butter Love Bakeshop at age 19, and enjoyed every minute of it. No stranger to kitchen work, Hannah is the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Dish Bin,” and had experience bussing tables from her past cafe work. As a chef trainee, under the mentorship of Chef Esa Yonn-Brown, Hannah gained experience in the back of house and learned how to make a myriad of tasty desserts. In fact, Hannah puts so much care into each and every pastry, that, when asked to pick a favorite dessert, Hannah replied, “I can’t choose a favorite! They’re like kids!”

In terms of career development, Hannah hopes that her internship with Sprouts will show future employers that she can work well with others and be a team player. Outside of gaining pertinent professional experience, Hannah’s number one goal for her internship was to have fun!

In terms of obstacles she’s overcome, much like desserts, Hannah has trouble picking just one to talk about. Hannah recalled a time when breaking a glass in front of her coworkers sent her into a spiral of embarrassment. However, in this instance, her coworkers were so kind and forgiving that she learned from her mistake and took the incident as motivation to learn to better work with purpose and focus.

In her free time, Hannah enjoys writing, watching movies and TV, and walking her Burmese Mountain dog, Odin. She hopes to be a writer in the entertainment industry and plans to use her attention to detail, her ability to work well with others and accept feedback, and her passion for writing to get there.