Generously Supported By: Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (BCLP LLP)
Age, at time of Internship: 19
CT Intern: Summer 2023
Restaurant Host: Osito, Chef Seth Stowaway
Referred By: New Door Ventures
Intern Story:

Guillermo (AKA “G”)  feels about cooking the same way he feels about drawing: it is an art. G especially enjoys cooking dishes for his grandma such as steak, catfish, salsa, guacamole, french fries, and, his personal favorite, carne asada. Though he has practiced in the kitchen, G made it a personal goal to learn new recipes in the summer of 2023. G received the opportunity to extend his recipe knowledge when he joined the Sprouts Chef Training Program at Osito restaurant where he learned under mentor Chef Seth Stowaway. 

During his internship, G enjoyed the kindness and hospitality of the restaurant staff who supported his growth and development. During his time at Osito, he was taught technical culinary skills and he particularly enjoyed executing the ins and outs of plating and garnishing. G also liked shucking corn, juicing, and practicing safe food handling. G started his internship with baseline knife skills but Chef Seth taught him extra knife safety and G credits Chef Seth for leaving his internship with all 10 digits. Working in a kitchen environment additionally helped G improve his professional skills, more specifically, his personal goal of bettering his time management. 

As far as culinary goals, G is most interested in learning how to make sauces such as bechamel and marinara sauce. To do so, he wants to use the freshest ingredients, as he believes “fresh ingredients are everything.” G gets his creative inspiration from his father, who wanted to attend culinary school before he, unfortunately, passed away. 

Outside of the kitchen, G enjoys drawing pictures of those he loves. He is also self-taught in MMA, as a form of self-defense. G loves animals, (especially his favorite animal, the squid) and intends to go to school to become a biologist. G is thankful to BCLP LLP for supporting his internship and knows that the skills he gained over his internship, along with his strengths of humor, resilience, and creativity, will help him build a bright future.