The Inside Scoop

What inspired the creation of Frontier Co-Op?

Natural food co-op stores in the mid-70s were buying products like grains, beans and seeds in bulk and placing them in bins. Frontier Co-op was created to purchase herbs and spices in their original large bags and boxes and repackage them into one-pound bags so the stores could sell them in bulk bins as well, offering economical, customizable quantities to customers.

Why should children learn how to cook for themselves?

It seems to us that kids who have first-hand experiences preparing food tend to be more thoughtful about food and make better choices, especially when they are mentored by those who care about food and nutrition themselves. Learning to cook as a youngster can be the gateway to a lifetime of healthy, enjoyable food experiences.

What aspect of Sprouts made you interested in helping our mission?

Many of our social giving programs are oriented toward helping the children in our sourcing communities get the education and training they need to improve their own lives — and those of their families and communities. Spouts’ programs to change the lives of city kids by teaching them cooking skills is an idea that’s perfectly aligned with our values.

What do you hope younger generations get out of your brand?

We hope our products help nurture a love of flavorful, wholesome food that’s produced with ecological and social responsibility in cooks of all ages.

Where do you see Frontier Co-op heading in the next five years?

We hope to continue to grow in the marketplace as a trusted brand for high quality, sustainable and organic products that are produced and marketed responsibly.

What do you want people to know about Frontier Co-op?

We want people to know that we do business in accordance with the values of our member-owners, who champion ethical, socially responsible practices that benefit people and planet.

Where can we purchase your products?

Frontier Co-op products are available throughout the country in stores that support wholesome food and natural lifestyles, as well as from numerous online retailers, including our own site,