Erika Shaver-Nelson of Chaparral House

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Erika Shaver-Nelson

At the Chaparral House, young chefs cook in fully functional and equipped outdoor kitchen. A few steps away from the kitchen is a bountiful vegetable garden were kids learn about gardening, seasonality, and the importance of proper nutrition! The vibrant atmosphere found at the Chaparral house makes it unforgettable.

The Inside Scoop

Why do you think it’s important to teach kids how to cook for themselves?

Cooking is such an important life skill to have that will last a lifetime. It is so valuable to learn from teachers who are so enthusiastic about cooking.

What do you want people to know about Chaparral House?

Chaparral House Nonprofit Skilled Nursing Eldercare Community provides resident-centered care in a home-like environment. We have consistently received high ratings and a variety of awards for staff training and quality care. Chaparral House is staffed by loving, caring people skilled at meeting the needs of the aging population. Because of our holistic philosophy that encourages residents to enjoy life as fully as possible despite any limitations they may have from disability or illness, we also provide numerous programs and opportunities for residents to remain active and engaged.

What are your favorite restaurants?

The Natural Grocery Co. Prepared Food Annex
Juice Bar Collective
Renee’s Place

What’s the most fascinating part about working at Chaparral House?

The time we get to spend with all of the residents and the fun activities we get to do with the residents. Chaparral House is a community made up of the residents, their families/friends, staff, volunteers, board members and all the guests that visit each day. It feels good to be part of that. You never know what each day will bring.

How do Sprouts and Chaparral House work together?

Sprouts has been having cooking classes in the Chaparral House garden for several years. This is the second season that they have had their new kitchen equipped with a pizza oven and grill in the garden. The residents are able to see the kids cooking in the garden and spending time in the garden. Having Sprouts cooking in the garden helps keep the residents connected to the greater community and we really value having an inter-generational presence in our garden.