Dartre Green
Chef Training Alumni

Dartre Chef in Training

Generously Sponsored By: American Endowment Foundation
Age, at time of Internship: 17
CIT Intern: 2014
Restaurant Host: Flora
Wraparound Program: First Place for Youth
Dartre’s Story: Growing up in Oakland, Dartre and his brother suffered unspeakable family trauma when he was a child and was removed from his home. But Dartre is a fighter. He has always been compassionate, a good communicator, and open to new cultures and people – those traits gave him the strength he needed to dream big. He impressed his team during his internship at Flora, and continued on to finish his studies and cook.
Future Goals: “I have wanted to be a chef since I was a child and I have always said that I want people from all over the world to be able to taste the good food that I make.”


“Becoming a chef appeals to me because I have an extreme passion for cooking.”