Chef Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: Ansel Family Fund
Age, at time of internship: 17
CT Intern: 2015
Restaurant Host: Boulevard
Wraparound Program: Ralph J Bunch Continuation School
Favorite Dish: If she had to choose… the risotto at Boulevard Restaurant
Christina’s Story: ​Christina grew up in an Oakland, in a neighborhood where, as she says, ‘You need to watch your back.’ At an early age, her father left the family, putting financial and emotional stress on the family. When her brother had an unexpected child a few years later, Christina took a year off of school to help the family pay their rent and grocery bills. When Christina found Sprouts Chef Training, she jumped at the opportunity to earn wages while developing professional-level cooking skills in an iconic San Francisco restaurant: Boulevard. Christina says her proudest moment at Boulevard was the time she prepared the Boulevards, the restaurant’s signature appetizer lineup.
Future Goals: Christina plans to start working, leveraging her new cooking skillset to secure a job in the restaurant industry! She’s says she’s striving to help out her mom and become more independent. We are incredibly proud of Christina!


“Before this internship, I was a really shy person, but now I find it really easy to talk to strangers. I feel that working at Boulevard really helped me break through my shell!”