Chris Lau
Chef-In-Training Alumni


Chris Lau
Generously Sponsored By: Miranda Lux Foundation
Age, at time of internship: 18
CIT Intern: 2017
Restaurant Host: Hillside Supper Club
Wraparound Program: Old Skool Cafe
Favorite Dish: Grilled NY Streak with Bordelaise Sauce
Chris’s Story: After quietly washing dishes for 2 years at Old Skool Cafe, while dealing with personal anger management issues and watching his peers around him learning to cook, Chris wanted to do the same. He went home after work and asked his parents to teach him the cooking basics so he could prove to himself and other chefs that he was capable of more than just washing dishes.
Proudest Moment: When his mentor chef, Tony Ferrari, felt that he was ready to work on the cold line, and he did well.
Future Goals: He’s attending community college and wants to use cooking as a way to support himself as he finishes college. Chef Tony of Hillside Supper Club has offered Chris a part-time position!


You can never go wrong with more experience. With this working environment, I can get better at my job, as a cook.”