Chris Hey
Chef Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: Jenni Shideler
Age, at time of internship: 23
CT Intern: 2013
Restaurant Host: Locanda
Favorite Dish: Trippa alla Romana, poached tripe
Chris’s Story: Growing up in Concord, Chris got involved in a gang and got wrapped up in a world of drugs and petty crime. He knew this wasn’t the life he wanted for himself, and started to develop a love for cooking at home. He approached several restaurants in town, but was refused for his lack of experience. Realizing that he needed an “in,” Chris applied for Sprouts’ Chef Training program.
Proudest Moment: After his time at the pasta station, extruding “miles” of homemade pasta sheets, Chris was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn and work the hot line. Although he considers it one of the most physically challenging positions, he loves being visible to the diners and feeling the energy of busy restaurant service.
After Sprouts: Hands down, Chris is destined for the culinary arts. He was hired on as a full-time employee at Locanda post-internship, and he continued to learn and develop his culinary and leadership skills. Twelve months later, he was given the opportunity to move to Portland to work for St. Jacks as a prep cook. Chris plans to spend some time cooking in LA, and eventually build up a network of contacts and skills so that he might serve as the executive chef of a restaurant one day.


“I am proud to be a cook. I’m proud to have a job that pays medical and dental for my family. I’m proud to pay for my daughter’s Montessori school and school supplies, for our home. I’m proud every time I see my food sent out to a guest – or get a compliment from a diner. I’m proud to know my craft so well, to satisfy human’s most basic needs… I wanted to thank all of you for giving others the same chance I had to dedicate my life to something noble.”