Charles Johnson
Chef-In-Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: Max Ghenis
Age, at time of internship: 16
CIT Intern: Spring 2012
Restaurant Host: Pizzaiolo
Charles’ Story: Charles was not only one of the first Chef-in-Training interns we brought on, but he was also one of the very first Sprouts campers. He was brought on as a scholarship child to our first session of camp in 2006, immediately standing out for his enthusiasm for cooking. Year after year, Charles attended camps, events and classes until he was old enough to apply for our Chef-in-Training Program. Charles grew up without a father figure in his life, and learned independence quite quickly as a result of the long hours his mother worked trying to support their family. He often cooked dinner on his own, and prepared her a plate for when she got home.
After Sprouts: He’s attending nursing school and cooking at a pizza restaurant to help him pay for school! He plans on teaching patients the direct impact that cooking healthy meals has on your health. He’s managed to use cooking and healthy eating not only as a pillar to his life, but as a key to a sustainable, impactful and fulfilling career.


I want to learn from actual restaurant chefs that can teach me the ins of the culinary world and what it’s all about.