Chante Bell
Summer 2018

Generously Sponsored By: Oakland Unified School District and Miranda Lux Foundation
Age, at time of internship: 17
CIT Intern: 2018
Restaurant Host: Navi Kitchen
Wraparound Program: Oakland High School
Chante’s Story: Since she was young, Chante’s family has struggled to have their basic needs met, including having access to enough food, water, electricity, and clothes. Chante has fond memories of going to her great-grandmother’s house where she would enjoy a big meal with the rest of her family. She remembers that it was her great-grandmother’s cooking that had the power to bring everyone together and make them happy even when times were tough. After her great-grandmother died, Chante was depressed, but it was her love for food and cooking that eventually brought her joy again. She began to work even harder to create home-cooked meals for everyone because she wanted to continue spreading the happiness her great-grandmother had brought to the family. Living with her mom, granny, and sister, Chante gains strength being surrounded by strong women who have had to overcome significant hurdles.
Future Goals: Chante is set on being a chef. She wants to go to culinary school and business school so that she is fully prepared to open her own diner, restaurant, or maybe even a food truck. She dreams of living and cooking in New Orleans.


“Cooking is how you show your love for other people and bring them happiness when they can’t get that all the time.”