Brandon Noble
Chef-In-Training Alumni

Chef in Training

Generously Sponsored By: Jonas Family Fund
Age, at time of internship: 18
CIT Intern: 2013
Restaurant Host: The Boot and Shoe Service
Favorite Dish: Pizza!
Brandon’s Story: Brandon’s health issues prevented him from having any sort of normal childhood. He was unable to attend much of his earlier school days or develop friendships with his peers. As a result of these immune system complications, he missed out on much of his earlier years of schooling, and couldn’t play with other kids. Battling crippling depression, he struggled to find purpose or joy in his life. As her explains it, he was never truly happy until he started cooking, which gave him freedom to do what he wanted to do, letting his ‘mind roam freely.’ After graduating from Sprouts Chef-In-Training Program, Brandon was hired at Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite. He loves his work there, learning something new every day!
Future Goals: “Every day I tell myself 4 things: I will own a chain of restaurants, I’ll be a great man, I’ll be the wealthiest person in the world. My hard work will pay off. This is whatI believe will put me on the path to doing those things.


“When I started cooking, I smiled for the first time in a while”