Azzam Idris
Current Chef-In-Training Intern


Generously Sponsored By: Postmates
Age, at time of Internship: 16
CT Intern: Fall 2019
Restaurant Host: Pizzaiolo
Wraparound Program: MetWest High School
Intern’s Story: Azzam spent his childhood growing up in Sudan with his parents. But when he was just 9 years old, he lost both of his parents and his aunt in a tragic car accident, leaving his older brother to assume the role of caretaker. They immigrated to the US, determined to start fresh and have access to opportunity. Azzam struggled to learn English, adjust to an entirely new culture, and connect with his peers at school. Eager to find a community that he could feel apart of and wanting a steady career, Azzam enrolled in Sprouts’ Chef Training Program. He was hopeful that he could develop his passion for food and cooking into a long-term career.  He quickly found his place among the supportive kitchen crew at Pizzaiolo and is on track to be a professional cook.