Arthur Boireau
Chef-In-Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: City Youth Now
Age, at time of Internship: 16
CIT Intern: Fall 2019
Restaurant Host: Hillside Supper Club
Wraparound Program: City Youth Now
Intern’s Story: Arthur has come a long way! As a foster student in high school, he got involved with the wrong crowd, caught up in illicit activities, and ultimately expulsed from school. Devastated, Arthur was determined to break out of his former habits and build up a strong work ethic. Inspired by his childhood passion for cooking and baking, Arthur enrolled in Sprouts’ Chef-In-Training Program and landed an internship at Hillside Supper Club. Arthur absolutely loved making the constantly-changing dishes, from pot pies to hot sandwiches. He felt at home with and supported by the team at Hillside Supper Club. He’s since made many of these dishes for his own community.  As he focuses on finishing high school, his internship has given him a new confidence in his future and his ability to earn a living for himself. We’re hoping to be soon eating his food at a Bay Area restaurant!
Future Goals: