Andy Olson

When Sprouts is in a pinch for fresh herbs or last minute kale: Andy Olson is always our guy. Owning and operating Olson Farms in Petaluma for the last 4 years, Andy Olson is the perfect picture of what your neighborly small farmer looks like. But don’t get us wrong, Olson Farms is no small-time operation. Andy tends to over 5 acres in Petaluma Valley and sells to some big time restaurants here in the Bay Area. He is a dear friend of Sprouts, and one of the hardest working people that we know!

The Inside Scoop

What do you love most about farming?

I love being outdoors all day with my work. I love that at the end of the day, my work amounts to cases of vegetables that feed healthy people and not memos and emails… I don’t find that work as satisfying. Every day my work is my life’s greatest passion.

What made you want to start your own farm?

I started farming because I wanted to use creativity, curiosity, and work ethic to generate a net environmental benefit and carbon sequestration while earning a living. I studied sustainable agriculture at UC Berkeley which really opened my eyes about the current state of food production in America. Mainly, how alienated consumers are from producers. In my business, I am able to have direct relationships with my consumers and see the impact I am making.

What do you want people to know about Olson Farms?

Most importantly, that we are only 50 miles away from you! In today’s food climate, there are a lot of terms thrown around: organic and local being the two biggest. Olson Farms is and always has been completely organic and local. We are 50 miles away from SF, not 150.

Where can we find your produce?

At Native Co. in Downtown SF (Sutter and 2nd St), Sanctuary Bistro, San Rafael and Novato school districts, the Alameda County Food Bank, and of course, Sprouts classes.
Olson Farms 6

Where would you like to see your farm in 1-2 years?

I would like my produce to be in a few more restaurants and in a few more school districts. I would love to have a grant where I am able to grow more things for the food bank so that those costs can be reimbursed to me. I love growing for the food banks… but it ends up costing me money and time.

For any inquires, you can contact Andy at