Abby Bell of Alemany Farms


Abby Bell

Teaching kids how to cook is one thing but teaching kids how to plant seeds, harvest produce, and connecting them with the origins of their ingredients is POWERFUL. At Alemany Farm, Sprouts campers pick fruits and vegetables that they use for what they’re cooking that day. Each day, their culinary skills and passion for food become stronger after every dish that they cook! Alemany Farm allows young chefs to connect with their ingredients and provides a wonderful outdoor kitchen for all their delicious creations.

The Inside Scoop

What inspired the creation of Alemany Farm?

Alemany Farm originally started as a job training site for local public housing residents. They turned an abandoned site into a farm, teaching and inspiring community members to grow food, in community, to serve the community. And the best part about farming? Feeding people and watching the plants come into abundance!

What aspect of Sprouts made you interested in helping our mission?

We love the idea of connecting people to and inspiring people about their food, where it comes from and how it grows. We love and support the Sprouts mission. Sprouts and Alemany Farm together have a unique opportunity to educate kids with hands-on tangible experience about the full picture of the food system. And food tastes much better when you harvest it and cook it yourself.

Why is it important for kids to learn how to cook for themselves?

Cooking is a form of empowerment and confidence building. It is also a way to share and give back and be creative. It is a great for kids to explore creativity, build confidence, learn job skills, and give to people.

After a long day of farming, what do you want to eat?

I usually get inspired during the day by what we are growing and harvesting and go home to make something with that… more often than not I eat a big salad.