Aaron Lang

Aaron Lang

Associate at Bryan Cave Law Firm



What is your profession?

I am a Corporate Transactions Attorney.


Why are you interested in cooking/food/education?

Good food is one of this things that makes life worth living!

What first made you interested in food?

You can get instant gratification from seeing the results immediately.

What is the connection between the work you do professionally and the advising work you do for Sprouts?

It gives young kids the chance to discover their passion for cooking.

What first made you interested in food?

My professional work centers around advising on mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions.  One of the main focuses in this area is to bring together various parties to achieve common business goals.  It is these same principles that I hope to bring to Sprouts, to continue to make it the successful organization that it is!

Why do you think the work that Sprouts is doing is important?

Cooking allows people to be creativity, express themselves, receive praise (from external sources, as well as self-pride), among many other things.  Helping to instill these and similar values in a community is a great way to give back, which is why it’s so important for kids to learn how to cook for themselves as well!