Sprouts NYC Goes Organic with Horizon

We are beyond thrilled to announce one of our newest partners in our East Coast expansion — Horizon Organic is generously continuing their donation of fresh eggs so that kids in our classes can get cooking with the most delicious and healthy ingredients. Can you think of a better way to start off the New Year?
We’ve been lucky to have support from the team at Horizon for our past cooking classes in the Bay Area, and it is such a treat to be able to introduce kids in NYC to all the flavors that are packed into organic eggs. You can always taste (and see!) the difference between conventional and organic eggs.
What will be on our menu this year? Omelettes, frittatas, and pancakes are a few of our favorite egg-packed dishes, and we’ll be creating our class menus based on the freshest ingredients of the season to make for seasonal recipes packed with local produce.
Stay tuned to find out where our organic egg adventures take us in 2018. Not in a cooking class with Sprouts? You can get a taste of Horizon by visiting their online store or finding their selection of organic goodies in a grocery store near you!