General Event Rules

Intention of Sprouts Chef training Rules

Sprouts Chef training Rules are intended to:

  • ensure the safety of our participants and staff;
  • provide mutual understanding among Sprouts Chef Training, participants, and family of policies and procedures; and
  • reinforce the content of the applicable Participant Agreement and General Release with additional detail.

Parents/guardians must be familiar with the following rules prior to arrival at camp or other Sprouts Chef Training events, and should review the rules with their child(ren). Sprouts Chef Training instructors will review the Rules with event participants.

Dismissal From Event

Willful or frequent disregard for these rules will result in a warning from a Sprouts Chef Training instructor, discussion with parent/guardian, and possible dismissal from Sprouts Chef Training events. Even a single instance of extreme misconduct or serious endangerment of other campers, counselors, chefs, or members of the public may result in immediate dismissal. This course of action would only be pursued in rare and extreme instances where the circumstances deemed it absolutely necessary. We would never pursue this course of action without very careful consideration, but we take the safety and conduct of all our stakeholders very seriously and reserve this right in the event it is absolutely necessary. Should dismissal or voluntary withdrawal occur, there shall be no entitlement for any refund.

Participant Rules

Kitchen Rules

  • Start each cooking session with clean hands – wash again as needed.
  • Follow your chef’s rules for safe knife handling.
  • When at the stove or oven, always practice safety (flag hot pan handles with a towel; tell teammates “oven door is open”).Help teammates; never criticize.
  • Every student must try all foods prepared (unless there is an allergy); it is ok if you don’t like a dish but no use of “gross” or “yuck” allowed. Use other words to explain why, as a chef would: too spicy, too sweet, needs more acid, etc.
  • When the Chef is speaking, this is the only voice to be heard.
  • Say loudly “CORNER,” “BEHIND,” “HOT,” “KNIFE,” or “SHARP” when rounding a corner, moving behind someone in the kitchen or carrying something hot or sharp, as applicable.

Knife Rules

  • Never, ever take your knife out without a counselor’s specific permission, making eye contact with your counselor when you make the request and wait for their response.
  • When your knife is not in use, it must be on the side of the cutting board farthest away, with the knife-guard on.
  • Learn and apply various knife techniques where applicable, to practice skills and reinforce safety: the claw, the tunnel, etc.
  • Never play with knives.
  • Always walk with the knife pointed down, knife-guard on. When you aren’t using your knife, place it on the side of the cutting board or the table farthest away from your body, with the knife-guard on.
  • Always keep your eyes on your hands when using a knife.
  • Do not transport food on a knife but in a bowl.
  • Be safe always.

Be Safe

  • Follow instructor or chef instructions at all times. Campers and/or other participants must stay within areas designated by an instructor at all times.
  • Campers must always have a counselor escort when going to the bathroom.
  • Leave personal electronics (iPod, DS, etc.) at home. Any such devices brought to camp will be held by the instructors until afternoon pick-up. Mobile phones may be used for emergency purposes only, as approved by Sprouts Chef Training instructors. Sprouts Chef Training is not responsible for loss or damage to any participant’s personal belongings.
  • Use only the cooking equipment that you have brought. Do not borrow anyone else’s cooking equipment without an instructor’s permission.
  • No running or horse-playing near the cooking equipment.
  • Restroom visits: a Sprouts Chef Training instructor must escort Participant to the restroom.
  • Stay within sight and hearing of the instructors.  If you get separated, stay where you are.
  • Participants may not leave without an authorized adult.

Be Nice

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated: respect, kindness, and compassion.
  • Inappropriate language (obscenity, gestures, insults) is not acceptable.
  • Fighting, physical aggression, and physical and verbal intimidation are not acceptable, will not be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate dismissal from Sprouts Chef Training.
  • Treat your stuff, and others’ stuff, with respect.  The storage, protection and safety of your personal property is your responsibility.
  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

Have Fun

  • Enjoy yourself! Learn and engage and ask questions! This camp is meant to be fun, educational, and inspiring. Soak up as much as you can while you’re with us!
  • If something’s bothering you, you have questions or you need something, talk with an instructor. We’re here for you.

Sprouts Chef Training Event Rules

The following rules apply to all participants in Sprouts Chef Training events and also provide guidance for families in preparing their children for Sprouts Chef Training events:

  • Participants must provide their own kitchen equipment kit requested before camp.  Under no circumstances is Sprouts Chef Training liable or responsible for damage to any participant’s equipment or personal property.
  • Sprouts Chef Training is not responsible for any lost or left-behind articles of clothing or other participant’s personal property, including, but not limited to, kitchen equipment.
  • Children must be appropriately attired for Sprouts Chef Training events. No open-toed shoes or sandals.
  • Students must have hair tied back away from face.
  • Sprouts Chef Training activities may be conducted outdoors. Children should bring appropriate and adequate sun protection and clothing.  Sprouts Chef Training may provide and/or apply sunscreen for your child, but is not responsible for sunburn or other weather exposure.  Layered clothing is highly recommended due to daily varying weather conditions.
  • Sign in/out procedure: Sign-out may be done only by adults authorized on the registration form or by written authorization. Identification will be requested. Children may not be left at camp or leave camp without proper sign-in and sign-out.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations made 3 weeks or more before any Sprouts class, event or camp: 50% refund
  • Cancellations made 3 weeks or less before any Sprouts class, event or camp: Not eligible for refund
  • Can’t make a class? Gift it to a friend! All Sprouts tickets can be transferred to another individual.


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