Sprouts Board of Directors

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Stephanie Lang

Dietitian Nutritionist, NYC

As a UC Berkeley student alongside Sprouts Founder Karen Rogers, Stephanie started her culinary journey in the hub of healthy, local food. She got hands-on experience in local pastry kitchens and made her way to New York to continue her time as a pastry cook before pursuing her Master’s degree in Nutrition Education. We were thrilled for Stephanie to join us at our first Summer Cooking Camp in NYC this year and can’t wait to continue collaborating as we expand to the East Coast.


The Inside Scoop

When you’re not working with Sprouts, what’s your profession?

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and I currently work as a clinical dietitian at a hospital in Brooklyn, New York. I also do some recipe development and blogging for Savor Health, an online organization dedicated to making the lives of cancer patients and their caregivers easier.

Why do you think the work Sprouts is doing is important?

Learning to cook, and learning appreciate the value of real food at a young age is very important, especially in a society where fast, packaged, on-the-go food is everywhere. Cooking your own food is relatively cheap, it can be easy and simple

What is one rewarding experience you’ve had as a Sprouts fan?

I still remember my first summer working with Sprouts — it was hectic and such a blast. I have fond memories of the campers, chefs, and restaurants. It has been fun to see Sprouts keep growing over the years. I was so excited to join Sprouts this summer in NYC!

Why are you interested in food?

I love to eat, and eating good, real, healthy food makes me feel amazing. I went to college at UC Berkeley, which was the best place for me to really nurture my love of food. During my time in Berkeley, I took a $3 Quick Bread Workshop hosted by the UC Berkeley Cooking Club, which eventually led me to a part time paid pastry gig in Oakland and a year working full time as a pastry cook in New York City.

How does your job relate to your role as a Sprouts advisor?

When kids learn to cook hands on, with actual chefs, they are more likely to appreciate the joys of foods like vegetables. At my current hospital job, I have too many adult patients that tell me “I don’t like vegetables.” This needs to change, and I think Sprouts is doing a great job at helping with that!