Sprouts Board of Directors


Shenda Gu

Graduate Student, Oregon

Sprouts Cooking Club without Shenda wouldn’t be Sprouts Cooking Club at all! For the past ten years, he’s worked alongside Founder Karen Rogers to keep our website design and media management running smoothly. Shenda is the team member who works behind the scenes to help us share the culinary magic of Sprouts year after year. We’re so grateful to have him on the team and have the chance to tell you more about his work as part of our Board of Directors.  

The Inside Scoop

When you’re not working with Sprouts, what is your profession?

I’m currently a graduate student studying biomedical engineering at Oregon Health and Science University. Before that I worked at Berkeley Lab on cancer research.


Why do you think the work that Sprouts does is important?

It promotes healthy eating to children in a time when unhealthy food related illnesses are becoming epidemic. Cooking is the first step in learning healthy eating and food choice.


What is the connection between your studies and the work you do for Sprouts?

Working in the health sciences makes you even more aware of the fact that a healthy eating habit can prevent a of lot diseases. Healthy eating is essential to maintaining good health.


Is there anything else that you would like Sprouts fans and foodies to know about you?

I’m the oldest member of Sprouts who started working with Karen back in 2007.


What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned from working with Sprouts?

Kids can cook too! One of my most rewarding  experiences with Sprouts was participating in a cooking class with the kids since most of the work I do is usually in the background.